How to Afford Time off with Your Baby – 101 Ways To Ease The Financial Strain


A book review by Carol Smith who blogs and reviews at New Mummy Tips

(well, I couldn’t really review my own book!)


If you are a new mum, old mum, stay at home mum or working mum, you will know that raising a baby is an expensive time in your lives; well I have a great book for you.

Becky Goddard-Hill’s How to Afford Time off with Your Baby – 101 Ways To Ease The Financial Strain is pack full of great money saving tips and ideas, starting with pre-baby all the way up to 5 years old and beyond.

Becky, a mum of two, gives advice on how to save money so that you can stay at home with your children, but to be honest this book is ideal for all parents working or not working, it’s a wealth of ideas and knowledge.

There are 12 Chapters plus a resource bank, the Chapters include:-

Having A Lovely Pregnancy – Fantastic tips on how to save money and look after yourself.

Weaning, Walking and Wearing You Out (6-24 Months) – Which has been a great, help to me

Earning Money While Staying Off Work – Ideas for making money and all the legal information that you will need

Special Occasions – From Christenings to how to afford baby number two!

This book has been a great help for me, I thought I was pretty good with money saving but Becky has given me some great ideas. I have even given a copy to my best friend whose daughter is 7 weeks younger than BG.

I would highly recommend this book to all parents; It can be bought in many shops but on Amazon at the moment its £4.93 with free p&p

For more information on Becky and extra money saving ideas pop over to her blog,



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