Friday Competiton; How to afford time off with your baby by Becky Goddard-Hill


Every Friday there will be a competiton on Book Reviews for Mums blog

This week Carol Smith reviewed How to Afford Time off with Your Baby by Becky Goddard-Hill (that’s me!)

To kick off our Friday competitions and to win a signed copy of How to Afford Time off with your Baby; Vermilion 2009   simply leave a comment below telling me a parenting book you would like to have reviewed on this site.

Winner will be chosen at random next Friday. UK entrants only please and 1 entry per person.

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  1. liveotherwise says:

    How about "What a mother does when it looks like nothing at all" Naomi Stadlen?

  2. I'd love you to review The Idle Parent – Tom Hodgkinson. People seem to either love it or hate it!

  3. zooarchaeologist says:

    I dont need your fab book as I have it, but I would absolutely love reviews of sewing books. There are very few places that do reviews of them and it would save me a fortune!

  4. wendy_mcd83 says:

    Three in a Bed : The Benefits of Sleeping with Your Baby – Deborah Jackson

    A controversial subject…I'd like to see it reviewed!

  5. Jenny Kearney says:

    I'd like to read a review of the 'What to Expect …' series. I have a couple but would like to know what you think!

  6. I'd like to see your review of the Gina Ford "Contented Little Baby" books – I know what I thought, but I'd like to see someone else's opinion.

  7. I'd like to see a review of The Baby Whisperer as I've heard mixed reports of it.

  8. Baby Led Weaning Mum says:

    I'd like to see a review of 'Baby Led Weaning' by Gill Rapley. I'm waiting to read it but my local library hasn't contacted me yet to tell me if it's in stock.

  9. Utterly Scrummy says:

    I'd like a review of the Supernanny book to see if others have found it of any use. It would be useful to be able to read reviews of parenting books written by non-parents such as Gina Ford, Jo Frost, etc to see if they are sueful or relevant to parents.

  10. There are some great suggestions already but another good one is 'Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves' by Naomi Aldort.

  11. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    For Elisabth Burton : The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections" by Amanda Blake Soule.

  12. northernmum says:

    I would love to see a review of Gina Fords Contended little baby/ or sleep guide – always a good one to get things stirred up!

  13. I'm pregnant and recently borrowed and read 'What to Expect when you're Expecting'. I really enjoyed it and have been considering getting 'What to Eat when you're Expecting' but I'm not sure….

  14. Becky Goddard-Hill says:


    Thank you everyone for these fab suggestions I will go and order them from the library and let you know (over time) what I think…brillaint list. Random number generator selected Ellie B as our winner this time. Don't miss the 6 copies of baby names 2011 on next weeks competition !

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